Help Founders Get Out of Their Bubbles and Start Making Communities Better

Part of GreatestFounders + Founders Under 40™ Group mission Is to assist founders and venture capitalist to discover the conventional communities and not so conventional communities that diverse founders navigate. And to possibly help others get out of their bubbles.

In this 21st Century, there’s just way too many social and economic issues that are dividing us immensely. The division is like a parent dividing a baby from his favorite toy. It breaks once heart to see the intensity of the divisions. It almost echos that of the early stages of a social and economic revolution think french revolution.

In this 21st Century, women and men around the world have to deal with biases, discrimination and inequality. Minorities have to pretend to be like the majority so they can get access to resources. And hope within the system will be fairness. It’s almost like a country telling it’s religious minority to renounce and convert their faith so they can then have access to rights. It’s like purposely secretly oppressing others because you may be terrified you are no longer number one.

Or hearing the endless stories of programmers making $100,000/ yr unable to afford a house in Silicon Valley.

What’s even more painful and frustrating is how slow the changes to improve the lives of billions is happening. For example, Capitalism has been a decent system for many around the world, including governments, but the future is a different social and economic animal. It is a more tech world and a more complex world.

Personally, there’s no night when I don’t wonder what the future holds for Generation Z and the children of Millennial. If you think the world is complex today image it in the next thirty years. Millennial founders especially, I believe,may consider a personal goal to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of at least a hundred diverse people each year. Because this current social and economic system is not sustainable in industrial 4.0 if we don’t change.

Sometimes the reason a lot of people suffer in the world is due to a lack of desire management. For example, some people desire iPhones badly but due to lack of money they result to robbing others. Some desire warm, and positive people in their lives but never consider maybe they need to have those qualities beforehand. Some want to be rich but not many want to make sacrifice.

I’m simply trying to express the need for founders, vc , or anyone to learn to empathize by escaping bubbles.


Watch or read about people who are experiencing life different from you.

Try to understand why people seek pleasure and instant gratification

Could you think of ways the world can find healthy ways to eliminate some minor suffering like shelter, food, clean water?

Could you find ways to help others see a better way for their life

Take the time to see how your unfairness or fairness is impacting lives

Could you take the time to educate yourself about other groups who see the world differently? What makes me curious is to understand why some people still think LBGT is a sin or are lesser forms of humans.

If one says something offensive and gets called out on it, apologize and learn from that moment rather than doubling down and getting defensive. You might not like everyone however you sure as well learn to get along with them.

Do you realize that no city in the world will be an homogeneous world.

Take the time if possible to learn how to control – your actions and reactions, your communication approach and what you say, your treatment of others, your choices and the steps you take.

Sometimes we all feel powerlessness in the face of all the odds and in face of our opposition. That’s no excuse to result to negativity or something destructive.

Imagine what it would be like if the roles were reverse. You were the poor woman instead of the rich while male.

Try to understand why reproductive health care is such a big issue

Try to see the world through the eyes of parents with disable, or mentally challenge children.

Get involve with organizations that do something positive for the whole community not just a very few. What I mean is you can have your gentlemen clubs and yet serve a universal cause like Foodbanks.

If you have money and you know credible groups who need it, give them. Get involve, promote their cause. Always remember to stay within universal values.

Try to fill you life with joy and satisfaction.

Try to nurture and connect on a reasonable meaningful level.

Try to be a good listener.

People are not perfect. So try to be tolerant. And if you just can’t stand them try to figure out by attending networking or socials events.

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  1. Rhett Miles says:

    It just sometimes a bunch of hype overvalued IPOs quick millionaires some are even questionable business models even so many startups just chasinggd the mighty dollar some have major social problems yet tech money calls , everyone to care for people not just rich folks.

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