How To Save Time – Money Connecting With Quality Founders, & Successful People

Just like a car needs fuel before it moves so to does a business or person need quality connections to move up in life. I remember a time when as a entry level sales rep I was expected to sell a certain home security service and the only way to quickly see the quantity of people I needed was to just get out into the neighborhoods and pound-the-pavement. There was never the idea whether these people were already qualified or already had a provider. It was simply go for the random quantity of homes and qualify in the moment.

And the reality for many founders, venture capitalist, wealth managers and professional service providers was that the same thing applied when it came to finding quality founders and successful people to hangout with or sell to.

In today’s market that would likely be considered a waste of time and resources. In today’s A.I, 5G, world you are expected to narrow down your target and get to the concentration quickly. For example, if you wanted Investors you go to Angel Investment Clubs/ join NVCA. If you wanted educated young adults, you go to colleges and university. If you wanted to be friends with founders and successful people like Jeff Bezos, you had to be worthy to be in their inner circle. If you wanted beautiful women for casual encounter, you go were beautiful women gather for such things. If you wanted marriage material men, you go where responsible men gather.

Going there is one thing, now the key challenge was getting them to pay attention to you or consider you, or eventually buy what you are selling.

One tip is to know their world and how they think.

From my many years writing, engaging, listening, selling, . . .I know the biggest challenge many businesses still face is finding the “just right lead”. So my goal here is just to share some insights and tips for connecting with quality founders, quality successful people, and quality leads.

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