What Other Founders Can Suggest To Other Founders In A Founders Community Like GreatestFounders™

I personally don’t understand why people go about life happy with a limited mind set when in them and others is a seed of greatness.

Everyone can be significant. Everyone can be an hero. Everyone can start in hell and make it to heaven. Everyone can be filthy rich. Everyone can build others up. Everyone can make their neighborhood better.

But you see others and wonder. . .why do people stop growing, stop adapting, stop loving themselves, stop loving their fellow man, stop being generous, stop taking responsibility, stop working on their relationships, stop showing up, stop going the distance, stop been financially savvy, stop attracting the beautiful gifts, stop worrying, stop thinking for themselves , etc. ?

Honestly, everything for a great life or great founder life is available to every one. You’re going to have to earn it. As the Super Bowl Game of 2019 approaches with the incredible Tom Brady hungry to win again another championship, you are reminded of how liberating to know you can face odds and still win in life.

Tom is clearly not playing football for just money it’s all about the competition within himself and team mates that drives excellence.

The World In Chaos

There is a lot of information in our lives. And the dramas of many nations’ leaders may also be sucking all the oxygen in the room. There may concerns about how to raise our kids in rapid changing world.

I personally know that all the founders under 40 group members have their unique founder journey and challenges which I will definitely get to finally hear more about as we transition to Greatest Founders (greatestfounders.com) platform.

So These Are Sample Lines / Sayings

  • You don’t lean on what you want, you figure what it takes to be the person you want.
  • You figure out who you need to surround yourself.
  • Take care of your inner self and your outer-self.
  • Make ten improvement to your company that helps your employees first, then your customers, then your investors, then yourself or whatever order you feel is best for you.
  • Take on the right mind set.
  • Develop some tactics or strategies to handle obstacles.
  • Be grateful for everything you have and stopping yourself from focusing on lack.
  • There’s money for your dreams or venture you just have to understand the fundamentals of how money flows. Money is spent on food, drinks, clothing, entertainment, information, escape, spirituality, education, pleasure, health, fantasy, access, power, utility, hospitality, pets, security, privacy, investment, etc So find legit ways to get it.
  • Move towards the opportunities.
  • Take the right action that helps get what you want.
  • If you want to be winner become a winner.
  • Read the right books, hangout with people who are great influence, …it’s really a f&$%^ choice and you don’t have to result to unethical behaviors to win in life.
  • If you are desperate and frustrated about your life. Use it to your advantage to motivate yourself to achieve greatness never use it as an excuse to steal from others.
  • In the eyes of God your deeds are your deeds.
  • Don’t be too serious with life. Don’t let others stop you from enjoying your life.

Don’t give a fuck what other people have and just go get what you want. If you have to ask or learn how they did it, then do so.

  • Be alert about everyone you engage even your own family / friends. Not out of mistrust but for your own well being and empathy.
  • The things that make you happy are usually things money can never buy.
  • Take the time to show people how grateful you are even to your pets and your worst enemies.
  • Learn how to deal with your dark side through a quite reflection and embrace positivity.
  • Take responsibility, seek forgiveness, and following through to show you have forever changed.
  • Learn how to not abuse your power because your actions will live with you forever.
  • Be careful what fear does to you. For some founders and body builders they use fear of failure to motivate themselves. Fear of being the next Elizabeth Holmes is enough to motivate you to be truthful to your stakeholders.
  • You don’t have forever.No one is even guaranteed a hundred years.
  • How you treat yourself is sometimes how others will treat you.
  • Being more busy doesn’t mean you are using your time more efficiently.
  • Be careful of energy vampires. People who drain your joy, happiness, vibrant-ness with all their sad, victim mentality, miserable self.
  • Try not to compromise on sleeping, exercising, and self-care. If possible fit in a lap in between your workday.
  • Encourage yourself and others to take the time to take care of themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Everyday you get to write your story. You might as well write a great one.

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