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There’s not one human on this planet that doesn’t desire some form of companionship. The internet age has clearly messed up the innocent process of making friends and maintaining friendships. Now we live in a society and neighborhoods were people are extra cautions who they let into their lives.

GreatestFounders + Founders Under 40 Group is hoping to at least help awesome founders, and business people find other awesome people. You are welcome to register and try out their founders community platform.

This just seem like an opportunity to address and possibly be one solution to ending chronic loneliness or friendless situation for founders.

P.S. If you are an awesome founder, social, have a positive attitude, tolerant of others and not flooded with tonnes of friends that’s okay. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. GreatestFounders welcomes you to join and make the connections you need for business or for personal reasons.

When you were young it just seemed friendship came so easy. You were on sports teams at school, You were in drama clubs, or played sports. Maybe were in geek clubs talking about Zelda or Star Wars. You went to university there were plenty of ways to make friends. When you attended tech events like hackathons you were making friends.

The challenge became when you finish school, working full time, had kids, bought a house, or maybe started a company. It becomes a little painful when you are unable to maintain friendship. Let’s say you even have the freedom, lots of time, you still have to figure out where to hangout to meet good people? Or even what to look for in terms of a good fit?

As founders, entrepreneurs, or business owners we are always not too far mentally and physically from our business. And which sometimes means we may sacrifice other relationships for the sake of our focus.

What coming & happening?

Access to social media is one crucial way people and founders use to maintain some kind of relationship either with friends and family or colleagues without ever using phone voice calls. Now everyone is just texting essays instead of picking up the phone. Just avoiding any possible negative response from the interaction. And with cashier-less stores coming it’s going to make social bond with retailers difficult.

All this implementation of Internet of Things, driverless cars, AR, VR, AI, are likely going to make society a little better but much worst
Socially. Think of the internet. The internet has been awesome but it has open us all to endless threats. Someone in a far off country could try to steal from you without ever meeting you.

Sometimes you the founder or person need to ask, “Why am I not making and maintaining friends?”. Research has shown that there’s a huge benefit to having friends and being a part of a community.

The new reality

The current reality is that there are many tech solutions available to helping people make friends but many have failed badly because they build it without knowing how different people make / maintain friends.

Everyone just wants to be loved for their true self. So greatest, are encouraging founders of all walks of life to be their true self well. . .if you are into harming others, then please stay away. We don’t judge however we would like our members to use good judgement and be of good character..

Other options

And if technology, apps, or this platform is not working that well maybe it’s time to work on your social skills and pick up books on how to make and maintain friendships.

In the end , what have you got to lose with Founders Under 40 Groups via TRY IT OUT Today!

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