What Kind of Profile Branding Mindset To Bring To GreatestFounders™ ? – Sponsored Founders Under 40™ Group

Definitely brand yourself, and do you on GreatestFounders.com

If you haven’t heard, the unconventional founders community called, Founders Under 40™ Group finally distance its self from the toxic social media networks like FaceBook, Twitter, & LinkedIn. And have recently launched their official private community platform for founders via GreatestFounders.com.

Founders Under 40™ Group via GreatestFounders.com is making the attempt to build a platform that’s safe, private, founders friendly, diverse, values, and unlimited online drinkin’ or unlimited coffeein’, activity driven, eclectic enough for founders.  

Maybe not the online drinkin’ . The main key reason also for GreatestFounders.com existence is just to provide a significant way for awesome founders from all walks of life to display their real attributes, business, community, causes, accomplishment, interest, venting self, sad self, and happy self.

In the mean time founders + Founders Under 40™ Group members with legitimate business are welcome to register online, engage and take in this branding tip below.


First let us acknowledge the significant benefit LinkedIn, and social media networks have provided billions of people around the world.

Because of LinkedIn and others many founders don’t have to be tied to their city, or country. Any founder to a certain degree can pitch a stranger about their business solutions and even make sale.

Sadly, todays LinkedIn’s experience is not the greatest. It still has a lot of value and benefits like:

  • 350 Millions users from 100+ countries
  • The number one destination for most professionals and B2B people
  • One of top ways businesses generate leads
  • A good percentage of users are logged in on daily basis
  • A gradual transition to facebook look and feel
  • A endless source of content
  • Even Lil’ Wayne is on LinkedIn


Anyway just in case you awesome founders decide to join us on our soul train. Then you have to bring this branding mindset:

  • Your online profile is your brand. It’s your credibility card.It’s your reputation badge. It is your canvas and you have to paint the image you want to project.
  • If you’re tech minded founder, go tech crazy but keep it clean, professional, and fun.
  • If you’re conservative minded founder, you don’t have to just grey, black, and white it. You can put some soul into it like pink.
  • Being on this founders community platform is about getting to know the real, appropriate, you not the kill your soul and joy you.
  • We don’t judge. You can love R Kelly’s music and not agree with his behavior or alleged behavior.
  • If raising millions with a napkin is your thing, we want to learn from you.
  • You are a founder who is proud to be LBGTA, guess what…we don’t give a f&%#. It’s up to you how much rainbow pic you put up.
  • So you’re an Evangelical Christian or Muslim, that’s fine just so you know we have all God’s children as members.
  • You can have a picture of you, as a grown woman, still playing with barbie dolls.
  • You can be a founder who wants everyone to know you work out 80 hours a week.
  • You’re an in shape founder with abs of steel. That’s your business.
  • Share with other founders your first trip to Mars.
  • You can share your social and political views. Would not recommend it if you want to make and keep friends or business. Unless the audience is mature and can tolerate different views.
  • All we are saying is bring the real you but with a lot of good judgement.

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