Welcoming Founders


After many years of observation, we had noticed the gradual decline in business relationships and peer support. And we have acknowledge the following conclusion:

The fact is, separating diamonds from millions of rocks is challenging so too is identifying great founders from average founders. Specifically for VCs, and others it can be very difficult and time consuming to do your homework on founders.

Plus, making sure your founders have the attributes, experience, values to build a great company.


We, GreatestFounders, simply want to make sure your knowledge of your potential founder(s) / partner(s)/team member(s) is sound. 

The advance GreatestFounders.com’s business offerings are also COMING SOON. 

We are combining quantitative, qualitative analysis, A.I, and information to assist Venture Capitalists, Other Founders, Potential Employees, Potential Partners to get to know Founders and make better decisions and possibly identify founders outside conventional social circles. 

***FYI, we have partnered with a 1000+ global founders community.


Thank You & Best Wishes, Manny, Founder of Founders Under 40™ Group members

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