Welcoming Founders

We are happy to take on this initiative to help founders and Founders Under 40™ Group members  better connect with safety, freedom, humanity, quality, and receive a good return-on-investment for participating in this growing one-of-a-kind founders community.  

With 1000+ MEMBERS.

As well as welcoming the beginning of better relationships for members, fans and us!!


So to begin this journey it is important you register and take advantage of our 14 Day Free Membership (limited time).

Please note, you must be a founder(s) and / or a past founder. Be a founder who lives and operates with universal values. As we role out this initiative, please be advice that more features and information will be provided soon. Please also include your LinkedIn Profile URL  ***Also founders need to be approved for trial and full membership. 18+

FYI: If you have any questions or suggestions, please email jennf[at]foundersunder40.com or info[at]greatestfounders.com

Register for your 14 Day Free Trial



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